Difficult Nursing Babies Can Be Caused By Tongue-tie, This Is The Way To Overcome It

According to doctors and nurses, the baby's mouth position is correct when feeding. There's also no problem with your nipples. However, the nipples still feel pain when breastfeeding and your baby cannot suck the milk properly. There is a possibility that the baby will experience tongue-tie. Tongue-tie is a congenital condition in infants that makes the tongue unable to move freely because the tongue frenulum is short, thick or or bound to the floor of the mouth. The tongue frenulum is a thin tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. The exact cause of this condition is unknown, although some cases of tongue-tie are known to be related to genetic or hereditary factors. Tongue-tie is experienced by around 5% of newborns, and is more often experienced by male babies. Recognize the characteristics of Tongue-tie Characteristics of babies experiencing tounge-tie is difficult to stick out the tongue and suckle. Then it can also affect the baby's ability to
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